Lathe Soft Jaw Set

SKU: PSJ-W1-L4-H1.63-F1.75-B3/8-S1.75-T.5-G.312

Let's face it: It's a soft jaw.  You're gonna bolt it to your chuck and cut on it, first thing.  All you really need is a piece of aluminum that will bolt on and off in a solid, repeatable fashion.  So why are soft jaws so darned expensive (as though they're some kind of hardened tool steel spin-jig thingy or something)?  Well that's the question we always asked ourselves, so we decided to do something about it.
So here it is:  The Perideo Soft Jaw. 
CNC Machined to exacting tolerances. 
We think you'll use 'em and like 'em.

  • Price is per set of three jaws.
Price: $30.25